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Advertising with ASA provides unique visibility among active high school families—the parents who make purchasing decisions and the teens who influence those decisions. Our research indicates an average of more than 2 million ad impressions per high school!

With our popular Premium Ad Campaign, your brand is advertised in a minimum of 6 high school sports venues!
Build brand awareness and loyalty by capitalizing on the popularity and emotion of high school sports,
all while helping support your local schools.

Some of Our Wichita Metro Area Advertisers

Multiple advertisements in a grid

Opportunities in Wichita High Schools

With more than 20,000 teens enrolled in our seven partner Wichita High Schools, ASA  can supercharge your advertising efforts. Your ads will be placed in high traffic and highly visible JV and varsity gyms, natatoriums, at football stadiums, and more. From basketball to volleyball, PE classes to school assemblies, and track meets to football games, these locations host hundreds of events each and every year.

We are currently contracting with Wichita area advertisers, sign up now to get your ads up for next school year!

Contact one of our Wichita area specialists today!

Darren Muci
Wichita Market Manager
Cell: (316) 993-6824

Brian Journagan
Wichita Sales Coordinator
Cell: (316) 253-389898

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