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About Us

Our Story

Founded in 1986, ASA Marketing Group began serving local, state, regional and national accounts with traditional marketing services which included advertising, public relations, creative services and more. 

Our business has grown and evolved over the years. In 2002, ASA raised $1.58 million in a mix of pledges, advertising and naming rights for the subsequently named Hummer Sports Park. The complex was completed in 2004 and is considered one of the great success stories in the city of Topeka, Kansas. The success of this project and three additional regional school district projects led to our current funding model and the change in name to ASA Strategic Funding, or more simply ASA.

Today we specialize in providing creative funding for school districts and other organizations through advertising, naming rights, memorials and honorariums. We are also skilled at assisting clients in creating foundations and alumni fundraising. Our research division conducts feasibility studies, live market research, polling, ballot initiatives and political campaigns.


Jim Collogan,

Office: (785) 273-5411
Cell: (515) 971-2324

Jim Collogan is a former high school teacher and principal with more than 20 years of first hand experience in fundraising. Collogan has served in leadership positions in the development offices at both the college and university level. He was also the founder of the National School Foundation Association (NSFA) and has started or consulted with more than 100 non-profit foundations. Collogan is a co-founder of ASA Strategic Funding.

Jim Deines,
Senior Vice President

Office: (785) 273-5411 
Cell: (785) 230-4197

Jim Deines is a former school teacher and coach before working at WIBW Radio. He sold advertising at the local, regional and national level for more than 14 years, including sports marketing for K-State Sports Network and Royals Radio Network while serving as the station's General Sales Manager. Deines was the owner and CEO of an ad agency for 28 years, prior to co-founding ASA Strategic Funding.

Our Staff

Sandy Deines
Office Manager
Phone: (785) 273-5411

Darren Muci
Wichita Market Manager
Cell: (316) 993-6824

Brian Journagan
Wichita Sales Coordinator
Cell: (316) 253-3898

Call us: 785-273-5411

Our Mission

ASA Strategic Funding offers schools, school districts and other organizations additional funding through a variety of proven unlimited resources including, but not limited to, advertising contracts, capital campaigns, foundation development, naming rights campaigns and public opinion polling.

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Frequently Asked Questions from School Officials

This is a real and growing trend which will become the standard operating practice in the very near future.

Public School Boards have the final authority when it comes to approving advertising.

ASA researches the cost of traditional media in each market and develops rate structures based on the real value to business of advertising in each market. Enrollments and event schedules for sports, theater and musical productions and seating capacities are factored in to establish a competitive price for advertising.

The most obvious locations are venues where the public gathers to view school activities (sports, speech and concert arenas, etc.). ASA recommends limiting the placement and numbers of ads within the locations and using a combination of static signs, electronic messaging and scoreboards to showcase the ads. Other venues may be available which are unique to the layout within each school and in consultation with the school administration.

Booster clubs or volunteers generally do not have the time nor expertise to conduct a professional ad campaign. To maximize advertising revenue, sales and marketing experience is critical. Also school boards must be seen to be politically neutral when hiring professional outside firms who can then be held to their performance standards.

Hiring ASA should cost the school district nothing as ASA will be paid by revenue sharing arrangements which is the preferred option. The only advance cost to the district is generally the research part, called the feasibility study. We ask the board to pay for a feasibility study before we start any advertising and/or naming rights campaigns. The cost of the feasibility study is minimal and is more than paid for from the advertising revenue to the district in the first year!

ASA has a proven successful fundraising process designed specifically to provide significant additional funding to school districts and their foundations. It comes with a broad range of funding options including; advertising, naming rights, bond elections, capital campaigns, and traditional fundraising.

ASA Strategic Funding ( is an outgrowth of ASA Marketing (ASAM), which was started by Jim Deines in 1987, as an advertising agency for businesses in the Topeka, Kansas metro area. In 2002 ASA was commissioned by Topeka Public Schools USD 501, to raise funding for a proposed sports park for the three high schools it covered. This was done successfully, raising nearly $24 million and from there, in 2008, decided to add school funding to the ASAM portfolio. In early 2014, because of the high demand for school funding, the ASA Strategic Funding company was launched as a standalone. ASA Strategic Funding is the brainchild of Jim Collogan of Ankeny, Iowa; Jim Deines of Topeka, Kansas, and Ed MacMillan of Baldwin, Kansas. Jim Collogan is the Founder of the National Association of School Foundations. He is also a former teacher and school administrator, so has had a lot of experience with school foundations and can understand how it is to deal with funding issues in a public school setting. Jim Deines is also a former Topeka teacher and coach. Jim was Advertising Sales Manager of WIBW Radio and the Wildcat Sports Network.

Contact ASA at 785-273-5411 or email and make an appointment for one of our professionals to visit with you to decide if this is right for your school district.

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